Low Limit Pot Limit Omaha Tournament Tips


If you’re new to playing Omaha Poker then often the best way to gain some experience is by playing in low limit tournaments at Poker Stars. The other competition in low limit tournaments will often be the same calibre as you are, and this means if you can follow some simple tips you’ll be able to make some money. In low limit tournaments a lot of the players won’t even know all of the rules to the game so you need to look at for these types of things.

If an opponent doesn’t know the rules such as the fact they need to use 2 of their card and 3 community cards then you need to exploit them. You need to target these players in the early stages of the tournament so that you can increase your chip stack quickly. It isn’t hard to determine what players know what they are doing and what players have no clue what they are doing in Omaha Poker.

Playing a wide selection of starting hands is fine in Omaha Poker while the blinds are low in tournaments, but don’t get in the habit of playing loosely. Once the blinds start to increase you need to make sure you start playing tighter so that you aren’t wasting chips. One thing you’re going to notice when you play low limit Omaha Poker is that a lot of players will be prone to calling down to the river on draws. This can make it difficult to win pots with marginal hands because you will often end up losing to some sort of draw. For instance, if you flop top two pairs and you lead out betting the maximum which is the amount in the pot, you will often have 1-3 caller’s chase down draws.

Since you need to worry about your Full Tit opponents hitting draws it’s often smarter to not bet the maximum every time because if they do hit, it could cost you a lot of money. Only bet the maximum when you have the nuts because often if you don’t have the nuts in this poker game someone else will. This is one of the those poker games where you aren’t going to see marginal hands win and you’re going to need a good hand to win. Don’t become accustomed to calling down hands with trips or two pairs when facing big bets because you’ll often lose.

As you start moving deeper into the Full Tit Poker tournament you need to begin being a lot more observant of your opponents. Most of the fish will be knocked out by this stage and a lot of the players left in the pot will be decent players. You will need to start watching your opponents so that you can gain reads on them. Start playing a lot less pots and when you do play pots late in the tournament, make sure you play them strongly. Try not to risk your chips before you have made your hand in tournaments if possible, but if you have an awesome draw and you’re short stacked then you need to do, what you need to do.