How to Play Texas Hold’em Online


Choosing a poker site:
The internet has made it possible for poker players to play all kinds of poker games online. Many users are going with international poker sites such as Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker, Bodog Poker and others. Each site among them is a good option, but basically it all depends on what type of games and action you are looking for.

You can always go to the site’s forum and ask a relevant question, or to the online chat and ask the administrators about anything you pretty much like. Remember, they are there and get paid to answer and help with all your questions.
If you are already a good poker player who wishes to play online, then you should find yourself a poker site like the ones I mentioned from above, register (and get the bonus too) and you are ready to go. You will need a valid credit card for all your payments.

Teaching you how to play (only for new players):
For young poker players there is a great resource of sites that will teach them the basics of the game and even give them initial money that they can put to their poker account. But how does that happen? Once you pass the verification test, give a proof of ID and register with a poker site and make a request for the bonus to be transferred there.

An example of such a site would be It’s available in many languages and it has many lessons, including video tutorials. To get your start-up money, you must complete the test (which will simply put you in different game situations and would ask what’s the best move to make, or will ask you the basics in some cases) and give a proof of ID & residence (utility bill, ID card/Passport). That amount is usually $50 and will be later on given to your account. After you submit proof and have completed the test, Poker Strategy invites you to choose a poker site. You create an account with one and request your initial funds to be transferred to it.

Note: You cannot withdraw the initial funds in the beginning though, as the cash out limit is always a higher number ($100 or more). Therefore you should be using this money to play.
Do not try to get a friend to deliberately lose his money to you, so you can get the $100 cash out limit and withdraw, then split with him, because you will get caught easily and you both shall lose your accounts (you will most likely be given a permanent ban from this site, and possibly other sites as well, as well as your $50 bucks).

Registration & Poker Clients:
You usually download the client from the poker site you chose to play with (every site has a different client) and install it on your computer. After that, it’s easy as pie – you enter your account name and password and you are in the game. There are many tables and many people with whom to play (as you will probably find out yourself). Just apply the rules and watch out not to get reckless, as you will lose your money quick. (new players should first play with virtual money, so they do not lose their stack in the beginning and also get use to the game).

In conclusion:
Well, that’s pretty much all about getting you started with Texas Hold’em online. The rest is up to your skills and correct judgment. Try to learn from everyone and above all from your mistake.