Going Broke on StarPoker


There are lots of opportunities for going broke at StarPoker and none of them will sit well with most players due to the fact they lost money, but some will hurt more than others. When you lose your stack due to a mistake that you made it usually hurts a lot more then if you get beat on a bad beat or draw. When you’re at the poker table there are always thoughts going through your mind about how you should play certain hands, and some of your thoughts will cost you more then you think.

When you’re thinking about certain thoughts in your head you need to be careful about listening to your thoughts because they can make you go broke. When you play poker you need to look at the odds and then follow what the odds are telling you for the most part. You also need to look at the opponents in the hand because this can help you decide what to do. You should never listen to what you’re thinking though and that’s what you need to learn from this article. We’re now going to look at five thoughts that could hurt your bankroll more then it ever hurts.

#1 – The other player is bluffing

One of the first things that come to my mind when playing certain opponents in hands on StarPoker.com is that there bluffing every time. This thought process can hurt you a lot because it could sway you into making the call when you should be folding. Once your opponent shows his hand it hurts a lot when you get beat because you know you talked yourself into making the call when you shouldn’t have.

#2 – You start using pot odds towards making a call when you shouldn’t

Say you’re on the button and everyone folds up to you and you decide you want to steal the blinds and make a raise from the $2 big blind to $10. At a $1-$2 game when you put a $10 raise in that is a pretty average raise and most times you won’t get called. If you get raised to $20 though you need to fold, but often players will say well I already got $10 in there so I might as well pay the other $10 to see the flop. This isn’t smart thinking and you’ll lose your stack very fact playing like this.

#3 – You think you need to make a bet into the pot

Often after a raise pre-flop you will feel like you need to make the continuation bet into the pot to see where you stand in the pot. This can be a good idea once in awhile, but seven out of ten times you’ll just be throwing money away to your Full Tilt opponents. When you don’t hit your hand it can be safe to say your opponent has a good chance that he/she hit a piece of the flop, which means you’re in no place to bluff.

#4 – It’s only $2-$10 more

When you’re in a pot and already paid your money to see the cards and it gets raised after you have gone it’s hard to lay down the hand to a small raise. Most people feel it’s only another couple bucks and will throw the money into the pot, but if you count how many times you do that in a session it will add up to around $20-$50 depending on how long you’ve played. If you’re losing this much due to making unintelligent calls then you don’t deserve to win money at the poker table.

#5 – Thinking you’ll play until you’ve got your money back

Once you lose money in a session it’s very hard to leave the table and call it quits for the day. Most players will want to continue playing until they’ve made there money back, but this isn’t always the best thinking. You don’t want to keep playing in order to break even due to the fact you’ll be trying to hard to win the money and leave and you’ll most likely end up losing more. Some days you just need to call it quits and leave until the next time you can play. Luck isn’t always on your side and you need to minimize losses and maximize profits. Also be sure to be on the look out for PokerStars Cheats while you are playing.