Changing Your Poker Playing Style Based on Opponents


When you play internet poker there are some main categories where you can rank most players such as loose, aggressive, tight and conservative. There are some sub-branches as well which you’ll start to learn as you play poker more, but it’s only important that you know the most popular playing styles. As you can imagine a player who is tight is going to play basically every single hand different then a player who is aggressive so you need to be able to switch up gears based on the opponents left in the pot.

This is why you also need to be able to get a read on your opponents and be able to observe how they play hands when you’ve already folded. You need to classify your opponents based on there playing style so that you can use the right strategy to beat them when you’re playing against them in a hand. You’re going to make some bad reads on occasion, but if you limit the mistakes you make then you’re still going to be a profitable poker player.

* If a poker player on Star Poker is aggressive then this means they like to push the action into there opponents. To counter this strategy you need to play tight poker and wait until you get a good hand against the aggressive player. You’ll generally be able to slow play you hand and let the aggressive player bet the pot to the river which is when you can come over the top with a raise. Beating aggressive players on PokerStars is really simple and the only time it becomes difficult is when you try to force yourself to make hands that aren’t going to hit. You just need to wait for a good hand and you’ll easily be able to take a decent amount of money off of most aggressive players.

* If your opponent is tight then it can be more difficult to win a lot of money off of these players because of the fact they won’t be putting much into the pot unless they have a monster hand. To beat tight poker players you need to play aggressively and win more pots then they do against you. You also need to limit how much you allow them to win off of you. You should lead out betting after the flop when playing against a tight opponent because if they have nothing they will fold. If they call or raise then they probably have an excellent draw or decent hand already so you should begin slowing down and stop betting unless you have a good hand as well.

* Conservative players at StarPoker are hard to read because you never really know if they have a hand or are just buying the pot from you. You shouldn’t look to really try and catch a conservative player bluffing because they might not be and you’d only be guessing. If you have a hand then play it against them and if you don’t then don’t play the hand and it’s pretty much that simple. You won’t be able to scare a conservative player off of a pot and you won’t be able to suck them into betting often so they are the hardest player to make money off of.