The Road Not Taken: The “Other” Kinds of Motor Racing


When people hear the terms “motor racing,” they are likely to automatically think of cars. Formula One racing comes to mind, as perhaps does the somewhat “edgier” world of automobile (illegal) street racing as glamorized in The Fast and the Furious and its sequels. However, there are other types of street racing that involve different types of vehicles.

Motor racing comprises contests between a wide range of vehicles. Actually, motor racing is not even limited to just land vehicles, but may involve aircraft, as well. (Small planes, of course. One does not conduct races between, say, Boeing 747s.) Air racing is actually one of the oldest kinds of motor racing, with events being traced at least as far back as 1909. We can also say that these competitive events had major historical impact. The drive to make better, faster planes for competitions is considered by some to have ended up infiltrating military technology, thus contributing to the huge advances in plane technology between the World Wars.

Lawnmower racing is also quite popular in some areas of the United States, particularly the Midwest. People modify their ridem or self-propelled lawnmowers. As per the rules, the original lawnmower engine has to be kept on, and grass-cutting blades must be taken off so as not to endanger the driver or other contestants. The capital of lawnmower racing can be said to be in Twelve Mile, Indiana, the site of the Twelve Mile 500. Lawnmower racing has also made its way into pop culture, where it has been featured in films and TV shows. The sport has also been making headway in Australia. The semi-legendary origin story of Australian motor racing involves (surprisingly, or perhaps not) alcohol: it is said that the very first lawnmower race in Australia was an unplanned contest between five drunken friends. Despite its somewhat limited audience as compared to other motor sports, an inclusive spirit does operate in lawnmower racing in the sense that drivers tend to have wide age ranges.

Motorcycle racing is also quite exciting, perhaps because it is easier to see the actual persons operating the vehicles. The world of motorcycle racing is also extremely varied. For instance, there are different kinds of bikes and racecourses. Sometimes, racing takes place on a conventional oval track. Other times, the track surface is such that drivers power slide their bikes around bends. This is called speedway racing, requires nerves of steel, and can take place on shale, ice, and other types of surfaces. Then there are the endurance events, which not only challenge the stamina of the bikers, but also the durability of their bikes. A bike that does brilliantly on a short track can, after all, fall apart quite early on a very long race.

As you can see, motor racing as about a great deal more than just cars. If you are already interested in car races, you might try looking into the other events, even though their profile is not as high as, say, the Formula One Grand Prix. You will have a wider range of events to follow, and may even try joining the more DIY-friendly ones yourself.

Changing Your Poker Playing Style Based on Opponents


When you play internet poker there are some main categories where you can rank most players such as loose, aggressive, tight and conservative. There are some sub-branches as well which you’ll start to learn as you play poker more, but it’s only important that you know the most popular playing styles. As you can imagine a player who is tight is going to play basically every single hand different then a player who is aggressive so you need to be able to switch up gears based on the opponents left in the pot.

This is why you also need to be able to get a read on your opponents and be able to observe how they play hands when you’ve already folded. You need to classify your opponents based on there playing style so that you can use the right strategy to beat them when you’re playing against them in a hand. You’re going to make some bad reads on occasion, but if you limit the mistakes you make then you’re still going to be a profitable poker player.

* If a poker player on Star Poker is aggressive then this means they like to push the action into there opponents. To counter this strategy you need to play tight poker and wait until you get a good hand against the aggressive player. You’ll generally be able to slow play you hand and let the aggressive player bet the pot to the river which is when you can come over the top with a raise. Beating aggressive players on PokerStars is really simple and the only time it becomes difficult is when you try to force yourself to make hands that aren’t going to hit. You just need to wait for a good hand and you’ll easily be able to take a decent amount of money off of most aggressive players.

* If your opponent is tight then it can be more difficult to win a lot of money off of these players because of the fact they won’t be putting much into the pot unless they have a monster hand. To beat tight poker players you need to play aggressively and win more pots then they do against you. You also need to limit how much you allow them to win off of you. You should lead out betting after the flop when playing against a tight opponent because if they have nothing they will fold. If they call or raise then they probably have an excellent draw or decent hand already so you should begin slowing down and stop betting unless you have a good hand as well.

* Conservative players at StarPoker are hard to read because you never really know if they have a hand or are just buying the pot from you. You shouldn’t look to really try and catch a conservative player bluffing because they might not be and you’d only be guessing. If you have a hand then play it against them and if you don’t then don’t play the hand and it’s pretty much that simple. You won’t be able to scare a conservative player off of a pot and you won’t be able to suck them into betting often so they are the hardest player to make money off of.

H.O.R.S.E. Poker Rules


H.O.R.S.E. Poker is the most popular mixed poker game being played on right now and it’s a very fun poker game to learn how to play. There are no specific rule changes in HORSE Poker and all you need to know how to do is play the five poker games that are rotated in H.O.R.S.E. Poker. The five poker games played in HORSE Poker are as followed.

* Holdem

* Omaha

* Razz

* Seven Card Stud

* Stud Eight or Better

Once you download pokerstars and learn how to play these five poker games then you’ll be ready to play H.O.R.S.E. Poker. If you’re going to be playing regularly then I recommend practicing the games you’re not good at first because the competition in mixed poker games online is generally a lot tougher then the competition you’ll find at the Holdem or Omaha tables.

What you need to know about H.O.R.S.E. Poker is that the games switch every time around the table typically and then once at Stud Eight or Better it moves back to Holdem. The game continues rotating through each game like clockwork so you need to be able to switch gears quickly and change your strategy so it can work for the game you’re playing.

It’s imperative before you play poker online at FulTilt that you know how to play every game or else you’ll be lost when you’re playing and it’s not fair for you or your opponents. When players don’t know how to play they end up losing money and they also slow down the game so it’s a lose-lose situation so make sure you learn the games. Learning some strategy for each game should also be on the top of your list if you’re expecting to make money and not just playing for fun.

You can only play HORSE Poker on FulTiltPoker and Poker Stars right now and this is because other poker room don’t have the traffic to fill up tables for this game. The action at Poker Stars is usually pretty good and you should be able to always find a game going on at that online poker room. They also have tournaments going on everyday for H.O.R.S.E. Poker so if you’re looking to just learn the game a bit and get a feel for the game then I recommend playing in some small buy-in tournaments. You won’t be able to win much, but you’ll be able to find out if you like the game and more importantly if you’re any good at the game.

Remember like I mentioned the action is quick and the competition is usually tough in this mixed game so don’t get carried away with it. I find that I do better just playing internet poker Holdem, but it’s a lot of fun playing mixed games because it switched up all the time which is why I play this game sometimes. Keep a tally of how much of your bankroll you’ve won or lost on your bankroll so that you know how well or bad you’ve been doing.

Low Limit Pot Limit Omaha Tournament Tips


If you’re new to playing Omaha Poker then often the best way to gain some experience is by playing in low limit tournaments at Poker Stars. The other competition in low limit tournaments will often be the same calibre as you are, and this means if you can follow some simple tips you’ll be able to make some money. In low limit tournaments a lot of the players won’t even know all of the rules to the game so you need to look at for these types of things.

If an opponent doesn’t know the rules such as the fact they need to use 2 of their card and 3 community cards then you need to exploit them. You need to target these players in the early stages of the tournament so that you can increase your chip stack quickly. It isn’t hard to determine what players know what they are doing and what players have no clue what they are doing in Omaha Poker.

Playing a wide selection of starting hands is fine in Omaha Poker while the blinds are low in tournaments, but don’t get in the habit of playing loosely. Once the blinds start to increase you need to make sure you start playing tighter so that you aren’t wasting chips. One thing you’re going to notice when you play low limit Omaha Poker is that a lot of players will be prone to calling down to the river on draws. This can make it difficult to win pots with marginal hands because you will often end up losing to some sort of draw. For instance, if you flop top two pairs and you lead out betting the maximum which is the amount in the pot, you will often have 1-3 caller’s chase down draws.

Since you need to worry about your Full Tit opponents hitting draws it’s often smarter to not bet the maximum every time because if they do hit, it could cost you a lot of money. Only bet the maximum when you have the nuts because often if you don’t have the nuts in this poker game someone else will. This is one of the those poker games where you aren’t going to see marginal hands win and you’re going to need a good hand to win. Don’t become accustomed to calling down hands with trips or two pairs when facing big bets because you’ll often lose.

As you start moving deeper into the Full Tit Poker tournament you need to begin being a lot more observant of your opponents. Most of the fish will be knocked out by this stage and a lot of the players left in the pot will be decent players. You will need to start watching your opponents so that you can gain reads on them. Start playing a lot less pots and when you do play pots late in the tournament, make sure you play them strongly. Try not to risk your chips before you have made your hand in tournaments if possible, but if you have an awesome draw and you’re short stacked then you need to do, what you need to do.

How to Play Texas Hold’em Online


Choosing a poker site:
The internet has made it possible for poker players to play all kinds of poker games online. Many users are going with international poker sites such as Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker, Bodog Poker and others. Each site among them is a good option, but basically it all depends on what type of games and action you are looking for.

You can always go to the site’s forum and ask a relevant question, or to the online chat and ask the administrators about anything you pretty much like. Remember, they are there and get paid to answer and help with all your questions.
If you are already a good poker player who wishes to play online, then you should find yourself a poker site like the ones I mentioned from above, register (and get the bonus too) and you are ready to go. You will need a valid credit card for all your payments.

Teaching you how to play (only for new players):
For young poker players there is a great resource of sites that will teach them the basics of the game and even give them initial money that they can put to their poker account. But how does that happen? Once you pass the verification test, give a proof of ID and register with a poker site and make a request for the bonus to be transferred there.

An example of such a site would be It’s available in many languages and it has many lessons, including video tutorials. To get your start-up money, you must complete the test (which will simply put you in different game situations and would ask what’s the best move to make, or will ask you the basics in some cases) and give a proof of ID & residence (utility bill, ID card/Passport). That amount is usually $50 and will be later on given to your account. After you submit proof and have completed the test, Poker Strategy invites you to choose a poker site. You create an account with one and request your initial funds to be transferred to it.

Note: You cannot withdraw the initial funds in the beginning though, as the cash out limit is always a higher number ($100 or more). Therefore you should be using this money to play.
Do not try to get a friend to deliberately lose his money to you, so you can get the $100 cash out limit and withdraw, then split with him, because you will get caught easily and you both shall lose your accounts (you will most likely be given a permanent ban from this site, and possibly other sites as well, as well as your $50 bucks).

Registration & Poker Clients:
You usually download the client from the poker site you chose to play with (every site has a different client) and install it on your computer. After that, it’s easy as pie – you enter your account name and password and you are in the game. There are many tables and many people with whom to play (as you will probably find out yourself). Just apply the rules and watch out not to get reckless, as you will lose your money quick. (new players should first play with virtual money, so they do not lose their stack in the beginning and also get use to the game).

In conclusion:
Well, that’s pretty much all about getting you started with Texas Hold’em online. The rest is up to your skills and correct judgment. Try to learn from everyone and above all from your mistake.

Drive Off the Beaten Track with Great Motor Racing Films


The dramatic, exciting sport of motor racing is understandably featured quite often in movies. The Fast and the Furious and its sequels, the Wachowski brothers’ update of Speed Racer, and Driven, which contained actual racing stars in small parts, seem to exemplify the current crop of racing films. These films all have something to redeem them (okay, perhaps this is less true of Driven), but can feel extremely formulaic. Even Speed Racer, despite its eye-popping, almost garish visuals, manages to feel like a retread of a movie you can’t quite manage to name. It is a cliché of something that has not even become the norm yet. Some of these films are well-known classics may have gotten somewhat buried in the deluge of loud new releases. Others might be obscure films that you will have fun discovering. Here, in no particular order, are some racing-related films that go a bit beyond the norm set by the latest crop of motor racing movies.

Le Mans, dir. Lee H. Katzin. This film starred Steve McQueen as a racing driver, and McQueen brought his customary iconic cool to the role. This is a widely acknowledged classic that displays the drama of racing without sensationalizing it. Katzin’s film is also famous for utilizing actual footage from the previous year’s Le Mans 24 Hour race. The film does not have much of a plot, but rather concentrates on showing people what a “real” Le Mans race is like, and thus has a very documentary-like atmosphere.

The Great Race, dir. Blake Edwards. This piece of 1960’s star-studded comedy concerned a round-the-world motor race that circumnavigated the world. It was based on a real race that occurred in the early part of the 20th century, but the plot of the film is wildly fictional, making room for slapstick jokes and fantastical plot twists. The cast includes such Old Hollywood greats as Jack Lemmon as a bumbling villain, Tony Curtis as a swashbuckling competitor, and Natalie Wood as a feminist reporter. This movie shows that besides being a great dramatic actress, Natalie Wood was also a talented comedienne.

Grand Prix, dir. John Frankenheimer. James Garner and the forever elegant Eva Marie Saint star. The film also won several technical Academy Awards. The film is about four fictional Formula One drivers, and how they get through a single racing season. Both the cast and the story itself are “international.” Not only were the actors from different countries, but each of the four core drivers represents a different nationality: one Frenchman, one Scotsman, one Italian, and one American. The production itself was rather a challenge, since Frankenheimer and his cast and crew were trying to get Grand Prix into theaters before a rival production called Day of the Champion.

The Cannonball Run, dir. Hal Needham. Unlike the other movies on this list, this one is from the early 1980’s, rather than the 1960’s. It is a comedy based on an actual illegal cross-country car race, and features an ambulance used as a racing vehicle.